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Hyoid bone chondrosarcoma with cervical nodal metastasis: A case report

Hisham Mostafa Abdel-Fattah, Hani Osama Nasef, Geylan Abdel Shafi Fadali, Nagwa Mashali


Background: Hyoid bone chondrosarcoma is a very rare condition. This study presents a case report of low-grade  chondrosarcoma of hyoid bone with cervical nodal metastasis. The study also presents preoperative radiological investigations,  pathological examination and the follow-up of the case.
Case presentation: A 42 years old female had a hard mass in the left submandibular  region of the neck. The mass was 5.5 cm 7.5 cm and mobile with deglutition.
Conclusions: Although the tumor was low grade, it showed cervical lymph node  metastasis months after its surgical excision. This shows the importance of scheduled CT scan of the neck during follow-up of these cases.

Keywords: Hyoid chondrosarcoma; Radiology; Surgery; Follow-up; Recurrence
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