Sponsoring Organizations

The Journal is sponsored by the staff members of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt

Peer Review

The process is a double blind peer review. A minimum number of two reviewers is set as a prerequisite of the journal to accept a submitted manuscript. A greater number is needed in some submissions, to cover the need in multidisciplinary submissions or in case of conflicting comments from peer reviewers.

Open Access Policy

AJME is an open access journal, under "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND)". The Web page describing the open access policy of the Journal is:




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• Annual subscription rate in Egypt: L.E. 120 Egyptian Pounds; Other countries: U.S.$ 80.00. • Price per issue in Egypt: L.E. 30 Egyptian Pounds; Other countries: U.S.$ 20.00. • Annual subscription rate for post graduate students, residents interns and medical students: in Egypt: 36 Egyptian Pounds; Other countries: U.S.$ 36.00. Subscription orders must be sent to: Secretary, Bulletin Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, P.O. Box 14. Alexandria, Egypt. The order must be accompanied by a money transfer order to the following Bank account: 00/0101234 - Bank of Alexandria • For Air Mail Postage outside Egypt: U.S.$ 15.00 Per year. • The last year Articles will be available, on request, on CD-ROM at a price of 150 Egyptian Pounds, or U.S.$ 70.
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Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2090-2948
print ISSN: 1110-0834