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Attitudes towards menopause and depression, body image of women during menopause

Nülüfer Erbil


Introduction: Menopause is an important and normal developmental process in a woman’s life. During menopause women experience physical, psychological and social changes.

Objective: Aim of the study was to investigate attitude towards menopause, body image and depression level of Turkish women in menopause.

Methods: The data of this descriptive and cross-sectional study were collected via questionnaire form, Attitude towards Menopause Scale (ATMS), Body Image Scale (BIS) and Beck Depression Inventory (BDI).

Results: 54.1% of women held negative attitudes towards this transition. The rate of women who fit the borderline evaluation for depression was 27.5%. Women with low depressive symptom severity and positive attitudes towards menopause had higher positive body image scores. Women with positive attitudes towards menopause had a more positive body image and they experienced lower depressive symptoms. ATMS, BIS and BDI scores of women in naturally menopause who had not had menstruation for at least one year or who had entered menopause due to surgery were compared; menopause attitude scores and body image scores of women in naturally menopause was significantly more positive. There was a significant positive correlation between ATMS and BIS scores of women in menopause, also there was a significant negative correlation between MAS and BDI scores of women.

Conclusions: Women with an optimistic attitude towards menopause tend to have a more positive body image and their depression level is lower.

Keywords: Body image, Depression, Attitudes towards menopause, Menopause, women

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