The following guidelines should be followed by Authors submitting papers to Bowen Journal of Agriculture.

Titles:  Should be specific, capitalized, bold, centralized and brief. All other headings e.g ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND METHODS and  REFERENCES are also to be capitalized and centralized.

Authors:  Names and address of the Author(s) should be stated and centralized.

Abstract: A factual summary to be included at the beginning of the paper.  It should not exceed 250 words and should be able to stand on its own, giving a true indication of the entire content of the paper.  Use Microsoft word Arial narrow font 10 points should be used for the abstract.

Keywords:  Authors are to provides keywords suitable for referencing just below the abstract. Text:  Text should be double spaced on the paper using Microsoft word, Times New Roman font (12points).  Numbering of lines and sub-headings should be avoided.  All sub-headings, except the first letter, should be in small letters, italicized, left justified and bolded.

General Agriculture – related articles of about 10 page length, double spaced are solicited.  The Editor reserves the right to edit all manuscripts.  All manuscripts received will be sent for editorial review.

Conclusion:  All papers should end with a succinct statement of conclusion.

References:  References should be indented.  Do not enclose years in bracket in the reference list.  Journal  names and book titles should be italicized as follows:


KEHINDE, A. L., Y. SAKAI, and A. H. COUNCIL. 1994.  Enhancement of traditional technology in poultry development.  Journal of Fermentation Technology 14 (2): 97–103.


ROTIMI, J. A. 2000. Technology, Industrialization and Environment.  CREM Book series I. Daybis Publishers, Ibadan. Nigeria. 124pp.


ADEDOYIN, P. E. and G. H. IDOGBE. 2001.  Apparatus for the determination of food digestibility in selected ruminants.  In “Annual Improvement for Sustainable Development”.  (Alake, S. O. Ed.) Proceedings of the 54th Annual Conference, Science Association of Iwo, Nigeria. pg. 68-69.

Tables:  Use Table menu on Microsoft Word to prepare all tables. No dividing lines.

Figures:  Scan all figures and enclose only the originals which shall be returned after publication.

Only black/white prints are acceptable.  Artwork on A4 size paper should be with minimum of 5mm lettering to allow for easy reproduction and reduction to 1/3 of the original size.

Accepted papers:  Corrected version of the reviewed manuscript should be returned to the Editor within 7 days of receipt by Authors with all corrections adequately addressed. Besides, authors are expected to effect changes as noted by the reviewers.

Off prints:  Three (3) off prints shall be sent to the first author while request for additional reprints should be made to the Editor at a cost.

All manuscripts and correspondence concerning editorial matters should be addressed  to


The handling fee is N3,000 (three thousand naira only) for every article submitted. The author is expected to pay N15,000 (fifteen thousand naira only) after the acceptance of the manuscript which should be paid directly into the account below. Three printed copies will be given to the authors and additional reprint copies will be made available upon request at a cost.


Account Name: Bowen Journal of Agriculture

Account Number: _______________

Banker: ______________________

Scanned copy of the Bank Teller showing payment should be sent with the manuscript to:  The Editor-in-Chief, Bowen Journal of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Bowen University, P.M.B. 284, Iwo, Nigeria to OR 



Bowen Journal of Agriculture (BJA) is a journal dedicated to providing the most current information to those interested in the effective management of Agriculture and Agricultural processes with a broad overview of developments and best practices in the field particularly on the application of  innovative  ideas.  The journal seeks to accommodate previously unpublished articles.  BJA is published for scientists working on animal production management, fisheries and aquaculture, crop production and management, wood technology, food science and technology, rural sociology and extension, environmental management, soil science, agricultural economics, forestry and other agriculture related fields.  Fully referred original research articles as well as major and minor reviews will be considered for publication in BJA.  Papers will be reviewed by reviewers selected by the Editor and will be published in the order by which the final version, accompanied by corresponding page charges, are received.  All manuscripts are to be in English.

The Bowen Journal of Agriculture shall be published twice a year by June and December.  Subscription rate shall be N10, 000 / year for institutions (US$100 for institutions outside Nigeria); and N5, 000 per year for individuals (US$50 per individuals outside Nigeria). 

Please note that subscription is for 2 volumes per year. Subscription begins with the first issue after receipt of payment.  No subscription shall be accepted for less than one year. Missing issues covered by paid subscription will be replaced without charge provided the complain is made within 60 days after date of issue for addresses in Nigeria and within 6 months for foreign addresses.   The editors will not be responsible for loss or damage to manuscripts and accompanying matter.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-2836