An analysis of tourism contribution to economic growth in SADC Countries

  • Albert Makochekanwa


The study how the tourism sector can be an engine of economic growth in SADC member countries. The paper found the contribution of tourism to GDP, employment, export receipts and investment is significant. Although this sector’s contribution to the economy varies among SADC countries, the the study found that Seychelles and Mauritius rely heavily on tourism vis-à-vis its contribution to GDP, employment, export earnings and investment. . In both Seychelles and Mauritius, tourism sector contributes about 50% and 30% to GDP; 60% and 28% to total employment; approximately 35% and 34% to export receipts; and 38% and 10% as percentage of GDP; respectively. Empirical evidence confirmed the importance of tourism to economic activities in SADC region, with a 1% increase in tourism receipt causing a 0.16% rise in GDP per capita. Similarly, a 1% rise in tourism related investment resulted in a 0.29% increase in GDP per capita.

Keywords: Tourism, export receipts, SADC Member Countries, Economic growth

BOJE: Botswana Journal of Economics, 11(15), 42-56

Author Biography

Albert Makochekanwa
Department of Economics, University of Zimbabwe

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eISSN: 1810-0163
print ISSN: 1810-0163