Notes to Contributors. The Botswana journal of Economics (BOJE) Aims and Objectives: BOJE is a refereed Journal. The main objective of the journal is to promote the discussion of economic issues at the theoretical, applied and policy levels. The journal welcomes contributions that discuss these issues in new and imaginative ways, offering constructive ideas and analysis and highlighting lessons that may be learned from the experiences of national and regional economies as well as the global economy. Guidelines for Submissions Articles submitted to the BOJE should be original contributions. The articles should not be under consideration for any other publication. Authors should indicate if the is any version or part of the article that has been, or will be published elsewhere at the time of submission. Article should be submitted in triplicate. They should be typewritten on A4/letter paper, on one side only and double spaced. All pages should be numbered consecutively. Contributors are to retain a copy of their paper because subm7iotted copies will not be returned. Electronic submissions are preferred. Articles should be submitted to the Editor in a form suitable for sending anonymously to the reviewers. Articles should be accompanied by a record of the author’s name, address, affiliation and contact telephone, fax number and e-mail. Authors should select up to six words that describe their article. Two of these describe geographical location; namely region (e.g. Africa) and country (e.g. Botswana). Because of the space constraints, articles should not exceed 20 -25 double-space pages; including summary, tables, figures, notes and references. Each article should include an indented and italicized summary of not more than 100 words that describe the main arguments and conclusions of the paper. Presentation Format and Style BOJE’s 1. main focus is economic development, which affects both men and women. Because of this, BOJE encourages gender neutral language. All references cited in the article should be included in the Reference Section. 2. Authors should follow the following format of reference presentations: Todaro, M. P. 1987. Economic Development in the Third World. 3rd edition, Longman, New York and London. Atta, J. K., Jefferis, K. and Mannathoko, I. 1996. “Small Country Experiences with Exchange Rates and Inflation: the case of Botswana.” Journal of African Economies, Vol. 5 (2); 293 – 336. Board divisions and sections of the paper should be clearly marked. Quotations 3. should also be clearly marked and page referenced. Quotations that exceed 40 words should be indented in the text. Notes to Contributors Mathematical workings that include details that are not necessary to be included in 4. the main text should be provided on a separate sheet of paper. These will be helpful to referees but will not be published. Tables and figures should be clearly marked and provided on a separate sheet of 5. paper. The position for tables and figures should be clearly marked in the text. Authors are expected to correct proofs expeditiously to keep alterations to a 6. minimum. Notes should be numbered consecutively and placed at the end of the article. Author’s 7. acknowledgements should be given on separate sheet. These will be presented on the first page of the article. Comments on Published Articles Anyone wishing to make comments on a published article should first send a copy to the authors, inviting them to give their views on the issue raised. The commentators should send their comments to BOJE together with the author’s response. Accepted Articles Following acceptance for the publication, articles should be submitted on high density 3.5 inch virus-free diskettes in either Microsoft Word or Rich text format. The author is asked to provide a hard copy with this. All figures and tables should be provided at the end of the text. Each disk should be labelled with the Journal’s name, article title, leads author’s name and software. Authors are entitled to 5 off – prints and a copy of the issue in which their articles appear. Further copies maybe provide at a discount to the author. Copyright in articles published in BOJE rests with the Botswana Economics Association.

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