Author Guidelines

Manuscripts should be submitted through the journal website at

Or by email ( to the Editor-in-Chief
Papers should be original contributions in the fields of Biology and Biotechnology (including Biochemistry, Plant Science and Animal biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Agrobiology).

Manuscripts. Should be type-written with double spacing throughout leaving a 5-cm wide margin on only one side of A4 paper. Papers should not exceed 6 printed pages (about 12 manuscript pages) including figures and tables. Authors should indicate in the manuscripts where they desire figures and tables to be inserted. Papers are to be written in English language only. 

The title page. Should contain; full title of the article; full names and address of author(s) (including name of the institution, city and country. The email and contact phone numbers of all authors are required); any footnotes referring to the title (indicated by asterisks); the page heading (running title) with no more than 55 letters, including spaces; and the address to which proofs should be sent.

Abstract; authors should provide a separate abstract of not more than 200 words.

Text. This should contain an Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion. Results and discussion may be combined in one section. Genus and species names should be in italics.

References. The list of references should be alphabetical in order and should include the full title of the cited article. All references should have DOI numbers where applicable. Examples are hereby indicated of the form in which references should be presented:

Nweze, E.I. and Eke, I.E. (2018). Dermatophytes and dermatophytosis in eastern and southern parts of Africa. Med Mycol. 56(1):13-28. doi: 10.1093/mmy/myx025.

Axcell , B., Kruger, L. and Allen, G. (1988). Some investigative studies with yeast foods. In: Proceedings of the 20th Convention of The Institute of Brewing (Australia and New Zealand Section). Institute of brewing, Sydney, Australia, pp 201-209.

Ononogbu, I. C. and Echeta, N. B. C. (1987a). Haemoglobin glycosylation and erythrocyte-free fatty acid concentration in garri-fed rats. Nutr. Res. 7: 883-886.

Ononogbu, I. C. and Echeta, N. B. C. (1987b). Haemoglobin glycosylation and erythrocyte-free fatty acid concentration in ogi-fed rats. Nutr. Res. 7: 887-889.

References should be cited in the text by author and year (e.g. Okoli et al., 2019; Eze and Ogbonna, 2019; Asiegbu and Azuka, 2019a; 2019b).

Illustrations. Must be restricted to the minimum needed to clarify the text. Previously published illustrations or illustrations in colours are usually not accepted. Explanations of figures furnished as legends to figures should not be repeated in the text. Numerical data given in graphs or tables must not be duplicated. As a rule, requests for colour reproductions cannot be approved unless the author bears the cost. All figures, whether photographs, graphs, or diagrams, must be mentioned in the text and the top of the figure, the title of the paper, the author's name, and the figure number should be marked lightly on the back in soft pencil. All figures are to be numbered consecutively throughout and submitted separately. Whenever possible several figures should be grouped into a plate on one page. Inscriptions on figures should be clearly legible. Letters 2mm high are recommended. The publishers reserve the right to reduce or enlarge line drawings. 

Half tone illustrations. Please submit sharp, well contrasted photographic prints trimmed at right angles and in the desired final size. Inscriptions should be about 3mm high. If reduction is absolutely necessary, please state the alternative scale desired. The publishers reserve the right to reduce or enlarge line illustrations. 

Short and concise, but self-sufficient legends are required. These should be appended to the text. 

Rapid communications. Short reports of new results of special interest will be published out of order as rapid publications. Authors are expected to append a note explaining why the text merits publication in this form. A rapid communication should normally not exceed 2-3 printed pages, including one table and, if necessary, one figure. After acceptance, authors are expected to produce their texts in the forms they are to be published. Rapid publications will appear in print one or two months after receipt of the final version. Editors reserve the right to decide what constitutes a rapid communication.
Bio-Research also accepts mini-reviews for publication. These must however not exceed 5 printed pages in length. Authors are asked to contact one of the International Editors before the submission of a Mini-review.



All submitted manuscripts are subject to peer review and approval by the editorial board. Articles will be sent to a minimum of two reviewers. Authors are usually notified within 1-2 months about the decision on their manuscript. Once receiving reviewer’s comments, authors are requested to send the revised article, and a copy of their reply to the reviewers, including the comment and explaining the replies to questions and changes made to the revised version within 48 hours.


Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author. Galley proofs should be returned within 48 hours from receipt.

Handling/page charges. On acceptance of any manuscript, authors are required to pay a page charge of fifteen thousand naira (15,000.00) only in local currency. Authors can transfer money directly to the account of the faculty of biological sciences, University of Nigeria Nsukka domiciled at Fidelity bank PLC account number 5210028528. Contributors outside Nigeria are requested to pay $ 100 (US dollars) to the Editor-in-Chief, transferred directly to the account mentioned above or in certified bank draft mailed to the Editor in Chief of Bio-Research, Bio-Research Editorial Office, Dean’s Office, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria

Full Page x25,000 (US $ 350)
Half Page x 15,000 (US $ 250)
Quarter Page x 10,000 (US $ 200)

Subscription and Advert Correspondence to be directed to 

Dr CC Onyeke

Department of Biochemistry, 
University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria


Manuscripts that contain the results of human and/or animal studies should contain a statement indicating that the study has been carried out with ethical committee approval.

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