The Effect of Brewery Wastewater on the Total and Differential White Blood Cell Count of the Catfish Clarias Albopunctatus (Lamonte & Nicole)

  • NS Oluah Fisheries and Hydrobiology Research Unit, Zoology Department, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.
Keywords: Clarias, wastewater, leucocytes, stress


The total and differential leucocyte count of Clarias albopunctatus exposed to Brewery wastewater for 21days were studied. The total leucocyte count increased (leucocytosis) in the wastewater-exposed fish. Compared with the control, there was significant lymphocytosis accompanied by monocytopenia and neutropenia in the treatment groups. These changes are indications of infection following exposure to the Brewery wastewater.

Key Words: Clarias, wastewater, leucocytes, stress.

Bio-Research Vol.1(2) 2003: 111-118

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eISSN: 2705-3822
print ISSN: 1596-7409