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Culture conditions for endo-β-glucanase production by paecilomyces species

JC Okolo


Production of endoglucanase (E.C. by Paecilomyces sp on different cellulose substrates, nitrogen sources, surfactants, pH, temperature and aeration was studied. Optimal enzyme production was obtained in a salt medium containing ammonium sulphate (0.5%w/v) and rice hull (0.5%w/v) at an initial pH of 5.0 at 30°C under the shake flask condition. Addition of reduced enzymes production. Time course for endoglucanase production by the organism showed that enzyme production followed the same pattern as the extracellular protein synthesis and increased with the exponential growth phase. The highest enzyme production (6.4UmL-1) was obtained on the eighth day of incubation at the culture pH of 4.5.

Bio-Research Vol. 3(1) 2005: 26-30