Parasites and Morphometric Indices of Frozen Fish Sold in Nsukka Urban Market, Enugu State, Nigeria

  • IC Okoye
  • RNN Obiezue
  • DA Dakul
  • PO Nwadike
Keywords: Parasites, Morphometric Indices, Frozen fish


The parasites and morphometric indices of frozen fish sold in Nsukka Urban Market in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria were investigated between June and December 2008 to determine the parasite prevalence, mean intensity and abundance and some morphometric indices associated with parasitism. Two species of acanthocephalan endo-parasites were isolated from Savreda sp namely, Gorgorhynchus sp and Paragorgorhynchus sp with overall prevalence of 35.4%. The mean intensity for Gorgorhynchus sp was 14.1+0.2 and the mean abundance was 10.0+0.1. Paragorgorhynchus sp had mean intensity of 1.2+0.1 and mean abundance of 10.0+0.1. Some morphometric characteristics were calculated to correlate weight against standard length (SL) and total length (TL). There was a significant correlation between mean SL (2.76 + 0.59 cm) and mean TL (3.23+0.15 cm) with mean body weight (BW = 320 +0.49g) for Sardinella sp and mean SL (32.6+0.71cm) and TL (35.9+0.66 cm) with mean BW (440+0.13g) for Savreda sp. The mean condition factor (K) fell in 0.01+0.001 in both species, this shows that the fish overall condition is in a good state, whereas b-value (b=1.7) shows that the Savreda sp which hosted parasite had a negative allometric growth pattern (b<3). Sardinella sp had b-value (b- value = 3.37) (b>3) showing a positive allometric pattern. The negative allometric pattern for Savreda sp is probably as a result of the parasites they hosted.

Keywords: Parasites, Morphometric Indices, Frozen fish



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