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The Effect of Soya bean (Glycine max) on Pefloxacin Absorption in Rats

CJ Mbah, KH Udoh


The study was to investigate the effect of soya bean on the absorption of pefloxacin when given by oral route in rats. The first group of animals feeding on standard pellet feeds was given pefloxacin (8 mg/kg, p.o), while the second and third groups were also given the drug at the same dosage level but were fed with 50 % and 100 % soya bean respectively. Plasma samples were collected at different time intervals following drug administration. The concentrations of pefloxacin in plasma were determined using spectrophotometric method. Feeds with 50 % and 100 % soya bean respectively, gave significant increase (P<0.05) in the mean maximum plasma concentration (Cmax), mean area under the plasma concentration-time curve (AUC) compared to those obtained for standard pellet feeds alone. No significant change in the mean time to reach maximum concentration (Tmax) was observed in all the tests. The results suggest an increase in the total absorption of pefloxacin by soya bean.

Keywords: Soya bean, Glycine max, Pefloxacin absorption, Bioavailability, Rats
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