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Imperforate Hymen with a Huge Abdominal Mass and Massive Hematocolpometra in a 15-Year-Old Girl Cryptomenorrhea with huge abdominal mass

Ipinnimo OM
Okoye IM
Adeniyi K
Ipinnimo TM
Ipinnimo OI
Ezrah CO


Background: Imperforate hymen is one of the commonest embryological defects of the lower genital tract which occurs due to failure of canalization of the sinovaginal bulb. Its incidence is 1 in 2000 girls.

Case Presentation: This case is of a 15-year-old nullipara who presented on account of a 2-month history of recurrent abdominal pain, hesitancy, and primary amenorrhea. Her physical examination reveals a huge abdominopelvic mass about the size of a 26 weeks intra-uterine gestation, and a vagina examination revealed an imperforate hymen. A pelvic ultrasound confirmed a massive hematometra and hemaltocolpos leading to a diagnosis of imperforate hymen. She had a hymenotomy with a cruciate incision to drain the menstrum.

Conclusion: Pediatricians and gynaecologists need a high index of suspicion to diagnose this defect for earlier treatment and reduced morbidity due to late diagnosis.

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