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Rituals in Nollywood films: a discourse in ideology

Asiegbu Bature-Uzor


Nollywood films are replete with themes and scenes of ritual murder, magical and spiritual powers. This has been attributed to the prevailing belief system and mind-set of the Nigerian society. Interestingly, this has received so much attention from scholars locally and internationally. However, film is a cultural product, which thrives within the culture of a film’s origin. As such, the cultural background provides the scenarios and thematic preoccupations which form the predominant ideas in films. This paper examines rituals in Nollywood films as statements on the life patterns of the Nigerian society. This research involves a textual analysis of the video film text, Issakaba 1. The choice of this film narrative is informed by the thematic content in relation to the ideologies of the Nigerian society. The findings reveal that rituals are part of the culture and belief systems of the Nigerian society. In that case, Nollywood films can only present their narratives against the backdrop of culture by relating content to existing situations within the society. This paper therefore recommends that for proper critical assessment of rituals in Nollywood films, an understanding of the culture and belief system of the Nigerian society is important.
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print ISSN: 2006-6910