Problems and prospects of exploring Draw and Paint technique for digital illustration on Adobe Photoshop Cs4 application

  • Chidi. O. Onwuekwe
Keywords: Digital Illustration, Photoshop, Vector, Bitmap, Draw-and-paint


Photoshop, a program powered by Adobe incorporated, made its debut in 1990, is used for Photo editing, digital drawing and painting, the newer versions of the software were released into the market subsequently as years went by. Awareness and use Photoshop among many Nigerian artists, photographers and advertising designers came in view in the early 21st century. In art schools and corporate graphic and advertising firm, few professional artists explore all the creative possibilities of Photoshop. In local printing and publishing firm, designers with no formal art training make use of it to edit photographs only. However, Photoshop, not only for photo editing, is also a paint program which can be used to create bitmap or raster illustrations for printing, publishing and wall art. This area has not been properly harnessed by aforementioned users of the software. The production processes for applying digital colours and rendering of line drawings scanned onto Adobe Photoshop Cs4 Layout will be explored in this study. Problems and limitations revolving round traditional to digital illustration will be discussed in this study. The research will provide basic information towards traditional to digital bitmap illustration with Photoshop CS4.

Keywords: Digital Illustration, Photoshop, Vector, Bitmap, Draw-and-paint


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print ISSN: 2006-6910