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Nutrition for Early Childhood Care: Implication for guidance and counselling

TA Pever


Nutrition is important because it is what sustains human body and allows it to grow and recover. What you eat is what fuels your body and gives you energy that is long lasting. If the body is fueled with quality foods, it will be healthier over all.  Nutrition is very important for children because their bodies are still forming in every way. Bones, muscles, organs, brain and nerve functions of children develop rapidly and needs to be fed all they need. Habits are been formed too and should be healthy ones. This paper therefore looked at the concept of nutrition, importance of nutrition to children, development of feeding skills in children, feeding behaviour of children, innate ability to control energy intake, appetite and food intake of children, common nutrition problems and its implications for Guidance and Counselling.

Keywords: Nutrition and Childhood care

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print ISSN: 0189-0263