Utilization of Wastes as an Alternative Energy Source for Sustainable Development: A REVIEW

  • MU Muhammad
  • L Abubakar
  • A Musa
  • AS Kamba
Keywords: Waste, sustainable development, utilisation, energy source.


Generally, the greater the economic prosperity and the higher percentage of urban population, the greater the amount of solid waste produced. Reduction in the volume and mass of solid waste is a crucial issue especially in the light of limited availability of final disposal sites in many parts of the world. To meet the rising demand for energy and to address environmental concerns, a conversion from conventional energy systems to renewable resources is essential. For the sustainability of human civilization, an environmentally techno – economically feasible waste treatment method is very important to treat waste. Several technologies are available for converting solid waste to energy source, ranging from very simple systems of disposing of waste to more complex technologies capable of dealing with large amounts of industrial waste. There are three main pathways for conversion of waste material to energy: thermochemical, biochemical and physicochemical conversion. Therefore, this paper examines how waste can be utilized to produce energy for sustainable development with adequate use of science and technology. It is recommended that, awareness campaign should be carried out to enlighten the general populace on the benefit of utilizing waste to energy source.

Keywords: Waste, sustainable development, utilisation, energy source.


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eISSN: 2384-6028
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