SCOPE: ChemSearch Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research work, scientific papers and technical reports in all the fields of chemistry. Also materials in agricultural, environmental, science education and related fields are published.
FREQUENCY: ChemSearch Journal is a biannual Journal, published in June and December every year.
STRUCTURE: The Journal language is English and all contribution should be submitted in English. It publishes original quality articles which are reporting advances in theory, techniques methodology applications and practice, general survey and critical reviews, etc.
Manuscript of article should be submitted through the Journal email with a processing fee of N5000 ($40). Manuscript will be put in review only if the same paper has not been published elsewhere or considered for publication by any other journal.
All manuscripts will be reviewed by two or more assessors to ensure accuracy and relevance. Based on the assessors’ recommendation, a manuscript may be corrected by the author before final acceptance. Authors whose papers have been accepted for publication will be notified in writing. ChemSearch Journal may not enter into correspondence with authors whose paper is found to be unpublishable.
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the editorial board
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A soft copy of the article should be in MS word compatible format and be submitted with 
final revised manuscript in A4 size with wide margins , double space and should not be more than 14 pages. Any additional page attracts extra charge. The abstract should be written also in not more than 250 words. References, tables, figures and captions should be included.

Manuscript must be legible, with key word used, and each symbol properly aligned to distinguish superscript and subscripts.

Text: The text of the manuscript should appear in the following order. Title, authors name(s) and address(es), abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, tables, figures, and plates, discussions, conclusion, recommendation(s), acknowledgement, references, (authors should please comply strictly to this format).

Title page: The title of the paper should unambiguously reflect the content and the main theme of the paper. The full names and addresses of authors (including names of institutions, country, Email address and telephone numbers) should be stated. In the case of joint authorship or multiple authorship, the name and mailing address of the author to whom further correspondence would be referred should be indicated, otherwise, the name of the first author on the list is assumed to be the correspondence author. Authors' names should start with surnames then initials of other names.

INTRODUCTION: This should contain mainly essential background information and important relevant references. The objectives of the work and its relevance or contribution must be clearly stated. The literature cited must be discussed to show the relationships between the published and the research study.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: New methods and modifications of established ones should be described in detail to enable repetition by other workers. For the established and published methods, references should be made to the relevant publications.
Generally acceptable, scientific terms should be used. Discuss the factors, problems encountered and the solutions as they apply to your study. Due attention should be given to experimental design and statistical analysis of data where applicable.

RESULTS: Tables and figures should be kept to minimum. Each table must be numbered in Arabic numerals and should contain brief title on top. Figures and plates should be of scanned reproducible quality with a clear title positioned below.

DISCUSSION: This section may be combined with results. Avoid repetition of methodology and results in your discussion. Discussion should indicate clearly the significance and implications of the results obtained. Relate your work to published studies. References should be cited, e.g. Mudi (2008), Aliyu and Naaliya (2001), or Ayodele et al. (1987) if there are more than two authors.

Conclusion should be drawn from the aim(s) and objectives of the work. It should not carry too much detail of the results.

Should be optional and must be drawn from the study.

Optional and should acknowledge support and assistance rendered by individual(s) or organizations.

References to the publications should be in American Psychology Association (APA) style, should contain full bibliographical details, Journal title should not be abbreviated. For multiple citations in the same year a,b,c should be used immediately following the year of publication.

One author:
Na’aliya, J. (2010): Stability Constants of Nickel (II) Complexes of Amino Acids with Polar Uncharged R – groups. Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, 3(1):241 – 244.

Two authors:
Aliyu, H.N. and Na’aliya, J. (2009): Potentiometric Studies of Biologically important reactions of Iron (II) with amino acids. Biological and Environmental Sciences Journal for the Tropics, 6(4):119 - 121

More than two authors
Khan, M.N., Na’aliya, J. and Dahiru, M. (1989): Effect of Anionic Micelles on Intermolecular General Base – Catalysed Aminolysis of Phenyl and Methyl Salicylates. J. Chem. Soc. Perkins Trans. II:623 - 628

Errors must be minimal, and no addition should be made to the corrected text. Corrected paper must be returned as an email attachment in good time of receipt to the Journals Production Department with publication fee of N15,000 ($100).

Each corresponding author is entitled to a full copy of the published Journal in which his article appears. All co-author subscription of full copiess at the rate of N1,000 ($40).

- Within Nigeria Individual N3,000
Organisation N5,000
- Outside Nigeria Individual $50
Organisation $120

Full page N30,000 ($200)
Half page N15,000 ($100)
Quarter page N8,000 ($60)
Inside front and back cover N20,000 ($150)

All payments of processing fees, page charges, subscription and advertisement charges can be made to:
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Bank: Sterling Bank

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