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Biodegradation and moisture uptake modified starch-filled Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) composites

SM Gumel, MK Yakubu, AD Mohammed


Sixteen different modified-cassava starch-LLDPE blends containing starch in the range of 10-40% by weight were prepared. Calcium chloride, D-glucose, chloroform and alumina were differently used as modifying agents. The Moisture uptake and biodegradation of each of the composites were investigated. Both of these properties were found to increase with increase in the starch content, with remarkable change observed at 30% starch content. There is however no significant change observed with the change in modifying agent.

Key words: Starch-LLDPE blends, Calcium chloride, D-glucose, Chloroform and Alumina.

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