Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Activity of Leaves and Fruits Extract of Ficus sycomorus

  • SY Mudi
  • A Muhammad
  • J Musa
  • Y Datti
Keywords: Antimicrobial, Cytotoxicity, Ficus sycomorus, Phytochemicals


The leaves and fruits of Ficus sycomorus were collected, air dried and grounded. Each of the samples (100g) was extracted with 400ml each of n-hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate, and methanol sequentially, using Soxhlet extraction technique. They were labeled as FS1-1 to FS1-4 for leaves extract and FS2-1 to FS2-4 for fruit extract. Each of these fractions was phytochemically screened to investigate the presence of certain class of secondary metabolites. The extracts obtained were subjected to brine shrimp larvae test and antimicrobial bioassay. Some of the fractions were found to be active against the brine shrimp larvae and the tested organisms, with FS1-1 being the most active.

Keywords: Antimicrobial, Cytotoxicity, Ficus sycomorus, Phytochemicals,


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eISSN: 2384-6028
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