Levels of some Anions in Selected Grains Grown in Jigawa State, Nigeria

  • M.S. Musa
  • H.M. Muhammad
Keywords: Anions, Grains, Permissible Limit, Random Sampling, Spectrophotometry


The levels of some anions (NO2-, NO3-, SO42-and PO43-) in selected grains (rice, maize, millet and corn) grown in some parts of Jigawa state, Nigeria, have been quantitatively determined by spectrophotometric technique. Samples were randomly collected from the sampling locations (Kiyawa, Jahun, Birnin Kudu, Dutse and Gwaram) local government areas of Jigawa state and analysed for their anion contents. Results obtained showed the range of mean concentrations of the anions in the food grains as; nitrite (3.20±0.87 to 17.51±1.06mg/kg), Nitrate (2.59±0.17 to 12.99±1.17 mg/kg), sulphate (8.04.±1.90 to 27.58±0.68mg/kg) and phosphate (8.37±1.77 to 44.30±1.79mg/kg). Nitrite, nitrate and sulphate levels were found to be below the permissible limit set by FAO/WHO. Phosphate was slightly higher than the permissible limit in just one sample (Birnin Kudu corn).Generally, it can be concluded that the grains analysed are safe for human consumption.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2384-6028
print ISSN: 2276-707X