Fertility Enhancing Effect of Diopyros mespiliformis (African Ebony) Stem Bark on Testes of Wistar Albino Rats: A hormonal study

  • S. Elijah
  • S.H. Garba
  • J.V. Zirahei
Keywords: Diospyros mespiliformis, Epididymis, Fertility enhancers, Hormone, Weight


Diospyros mespiliformis (African ebony) is a plant that is highly recognized all over African and Asian countries, for its medicinal and curative properties. This study investigates the effects of Diospyros mespiliformis aqueous stem bark extract on the testis, epididymal weight and hormonal assay in Wistar albino rats at different doses. Thirty Adult Wistar rats were assigned into five groups of six rats each. With group I serving as control, while group (II, III, IV and V) were treated with 25mg/kg, 50mg/kg 100mg/kg and 100mg/kg (post treatment group) of the extract within the experimental period of twenty eight days. Twenty four hours after the last oral administration, the rats in groups (I- IV) were euthanized for tissue harvesting. The rats in group V were allowed to remain for fourteen days post-treatment and they were euthanized on day fifteen. Testes, epididymis tissues were harvested and weighed, blood samples were collected for hormonal analysis. Investigations revealed an increased in testosterone, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) serum level in groups (II, III and IV) when compared to groups (I and V). The testis and epididymis weight increased in groups (III and IV) when compared to the groups (I, II and V). The results of the study revealed that aqueous stem bark extract of Diospyros mespiliformis have fertility enhancing potentials on the testis, epididymis and hormonal serum level in Wistar albino rats.

Keywords: Diospyros mespiliformis, Epididymis, Fertility enhancers, Hormone, Weight


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eISSN: 2635-3490
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