Design Analysis of a Microcontroller Based Wireless Wattmeter

  • Zaid Jagun
  • Alexander Okandeji
  • Frank Onaifo
  • Peter Alao


This paper considered the design of a microcontroller based wireless wattmeter which can be used to measure power in both domestics, hazardous and industrial locations where restrictions to movement is critical. The wireless wattmeter is made up of the transmitter and receiver parts kept at a distance not more than 300 m apart. PIC16F877A is programmed using C language to measure current, voltage, frequency and power which is shown on the liquid Crystal display screen. The results obtained showed that the wireless wattmeter constructed from a microcontroller has a steady reading compared to fluctuating readings obtained from contemporary meters. The readings are also comparably accurate and can be accessed wirelessly within a distance of approximately 300 m making it usable in hazardous areas where human movement is strictly prohibited.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2682-5961
print ISSN: 2354-1814