Prevalence of Patients Living with HIV/AIDS with Their CD4+ Counts in Some Hospitals in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria

  • Racheal A. Adeoye
  • Samuel A. Garba
  • Musa Galadima
  • Udeme J. J. Ijah
  • Aishat R. Sani
Keywords: HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus); AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome); Prevalence; Pregnancy, patients


This study was conducted over a period of nine months on the prevalence of HIV and the CD4+ counts among women attending selected Hospitals (Dr Musa Inuwa, General, Clinic A, IBB, and Clinic B hospitals) in Minna. A total of 500 patients were screened. Questionnaires were used to gather relevant data on sampled patients. Cyflow counter and Hematology analyzer were used to determine CD4+ and  hematological parameters (Hb and WBC). Of the 500 samples, 408 tested negative while 92 tested positive, translating to a prevalence rate of 18.4%. The age group 25 – 34 years had the highest number of cases under HIV positive pregnant women (67.7%). The CD4+ count was shown to be significantly (p < 0.05) lower in HIV positive pregnant women not on ART (146.17 ± 29.52 cell/μL), while HIV negative non-pregnant women had the highest count of 978.26 ± 13.00 cell/μL. The mean Hemoglobin concentration was similarly significantly lower in women that are HIV positive, pregnant but not on ART (7.95 ± 0.61 g/dL) while those not pregnant and HIV negative (11.90 ± 0.12 g/dL). However, the WBC count was significantly higher in HIV positive non-pregnant women on ART (22.21±2.74 ×109/L). The prevalence of HIV within the sampled hospitals is very high with the various factors showing close associations. It is then recommended that government and non-government organizations should intensify efforts to enlighten the populace on the need for HIV screening.


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eISSN: 2682-5961
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