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Recordkeeping in Zimbabwe in colonial and post-independence contexts

Violet Matangira


The study was based on the general assumption that good recordkeeping systems existed in the colonial period, while general crisis situations have been reported in many postcolonial African nations, including Zimbabwe. With a view to determining whether there was continuity or not in the management of public sector records in Zimbabwe between the two periods, the study employed an interpretive paradigm and made use of qualitative methods including interviews, observations and documents search. Contrary to the general notion of collapsing recordkeeping systems in many postcolonial African scenarios, the study revealed that the recordkeeping systems established in the colonial era in Zimbabwe did not actually collapse but, in fact, the continued use of archaic manual systems, and absence of information and communication technologies (ICTs) became the main source of recordkeeping problems. This article presents the findings and recommendations of the study.

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