Estado e Políticas Arquivísticas

  • Eugénio A Monteiro Arquivo Histórico de Moçambique
Keywords: Estado e Políticas, Arquivísticas


This article is written in Portuguese. Eugenio Monteiro discusses the relationship between the state and archival policies. According to Monteiro, archival policies run parallel to state or public policies and should aim to establish the relationship between the state and archives. Monteiro discusses concepts such as the state, policy, information policies, etc., focusing on explaining archival policies. He argues that archival policies “…(help) formulate the objectives (or aims) of archives, and (they) allow for the necessary means for the development of archival science…” Monteiro also argues that the successful management of public and private archives requires national archival policies, and that the state should be involved in the development of these policies. Monteiro concludes that the state has the responsibility of protecting archives by creating and establishing archival policies and legislation. He describes what legislation should be created in some detail. Specifically he argues for the creation of a national archives act for Mozambique.

ESARBICA Journal Vol.20 2001: 108-113

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eISSN: 0376-4753