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Records and information management as a conduit to effective auditing

Constant Okello-Obura


Efficient records and information management (RIM) is becoming an integral component of the management principles and practice of informed organizations. However, what seems lacking is the periodic auditing of the RIM practices by organizations. This paper conceptually looks at auditing as a key conduit for records and information management and efficient RIM as a key factor for auditing in any organisation. Auditing compliments RIM and likewise efficient RIM compliments auditing. Based on relevant literature review and in some instances, RIM practices in Uganda, it gives the contextual relationship of key components in Auditing of RIM, purpose of RIM audit, justified benefits of RIM auditing, structural audit compliance and recommendations for the way forward. The main purpose of this paper is to trigger critical thinking and reawakening on the need for auditing of RIM and the effective RIM’s value to auditing.

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