Prevalence and economic connotation of bovine and caprine hydatidosis at Abergele International Export Slaughterhouse, Mekele, Tigray Region

  • Abebayehu Tadesse
  • Nebyat Negash


A cross-sectional study was conducted from November 2017 to April 2018 to investigate the prevalence and economic significance of bovine and caprine hydatidosis at Abergelle international export slaughterhouse, Mekele, Tigray region. This study has been carried out based on antemortem and postmortem examinations. Among the 940 cattle and goats examined, 104 (11.06%) were found to be positive for hydatid cyst. Whereas, from 520 slaughtered cattle and 420 goats, 86 (16.54%) and18 (4.29%) were positive for hydatid cyst, respectively. There was a statistically significant difference (p<0.05) in the prevalence of hydatidosis in cattle with different body condition scores (55.34% in poor and 6.25% in good body condition). The same holds true for goats (14.28% in poor body condition and 0.97% in good body condition score). But the variation was not significant concerning the age and origin of the animals. From examined organs, 55 (10.57%) of the lung, and 31 (5.96%) of the liver of cattle were positive. However, in goats, 13 (3.09%) lungs and 5 (1.19%) livers were positive for the cyst. The cyst viability and fertility test indicated that 28 (32.56%) cysts were fertile in cattle while 53 (61.28%) were infertile and 5 (5.81%) were calcified. Of these 28 fertile cysts in cattle, 8 (28.57%) were viable and 20 (71.43%) were non-viable. In goats, 13 (72.2%) were fertile, 4 (22.2%) were infertile and 1 (5.6%) was calcified. Of these 13 fertile cysts in goats, 8(61.54%) were viable and 5(38.5%) were non-viable. The annual economic loss estimated for bovine and caprine hydatidosis was 2,101,540.2 and 65,897.9 ETB, respectively. The annual financial loss recorded altogether by hydatidosis of cattle and goats at Abergelle International Export Slaughterhouse was estimated to be 2,167,438.1 ETB. In conclusion, hydatidosis is a major cause of organ and carcass condemnation and financial loss at the Abergelle export slaughterhouse. The prevalence of hydatidosis was high in cattle compared to goats and in both species; the lung was the most frequently affected organ by hydatid cyst followed by the liver.


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eISSN: 2221-5034
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