Short Communication: Thoraco-pericardiotomy in two bovines under field condition

  • AP Bhokre
  • G Gugsa
  • B Gebrekidan
  • G Tadesse
Keywords: Thoraco-pericardiotomy, Traumatic pericarditis, Bovine,


The present paper deals with two typical cases of traumatic pericarditis,in a crossbred pregnant cow and a bullock. The patients had a history of brisket edema, anorexia, and wasting condition for a period of 15 days. The physical and clinical examination for both cases revealed jugular pulsation, marked edema of brisket extending back up to udder, rise in rectal temp., heart rate and respiratory rate with muffled cardiac sounds audible over a wide area in chest. Based on the history and clinical examination data the cases were diagnosed as traumatic pericarditis. Thoraco-pericardiotomy was performed through resection of left fifth rib under sedation with xylazine and local infiltration anesthesia. Small quantity of fluid from thoracic cavity was removed; however, the foreign body was not detected. The thoracotomy wound was closed in routine manner. Post operatively both animals were given parenteral antibiotic and wound dressing was carried out. The skin sutures were removed on 10th post operative day. Both the cases survived and recovered well within a period of one month. The pregnant cow delivered and was yielding 10 liters of milk daily. Keywords: Thoraco-pericardiotomy, Traumatic pericarditis, Bovine