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Analysis of Adverse Environmental Effects of Water Supply Projects in Jos Metropolis, Nigeria

A. Y. Ali


The increasing demands for water resulting from economic growth, climate change, pollution, and concurrent population growth exert additional pressure on available resources. Consequently, this leads to escalated costs of water treatment, which has adverse effects on the environment. This study investigates the environmental impacts of water supply projects in Jos metropolis, including dams, reservoirs, tanks, pipelines, and treatment plants. It examines the effects on both government and individual water users, considering factors such as economic growth, climate change, pollution, and population growth. The study utilizes a combination of primary and secondary data, collecting primary data through questionnaires, interviews, and field observations, and secondary data from the Plateau State Water Board and other sources. Using a sample size of 378 respondents determined from a population of 23,453, structured questionnaires were administered, and the results were analyzed using frequency tables. The findings reveal negative consequences for communities located along floodplains, as well as adverse effects on the government, including environmental damage, the risk of dam breaches and breakages, flooding, species loss, and increased salinity levels. It is concluded that the Plateau State Water Board should prioritize maintenance practices to reduce the occurrence of dam breaches and breakages, ensuring sustainable water supply and mitigating the negative impacts of these projects. The study recommends continuous facility maintenance, adherence to land use plans, and prevention of facility overstretching as effective measures to minimize adverse effects. Implementing these recommendations can help mitigate the detrimental consequences on the environment and society, promoting sustainable water management and resource utilization.

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