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Computer–based tutoring role in inducting the first year’s students at a previously disadvantaged university

Mthethwa Lindiwe Carol


Computer-based tutoring has the assurance of enhancing the educational importance of tutoring students at higher education institutions through self-directed learning. This paper provides an in-depth view of the philosophy behind computer-based tutoring and thus unpacking various strategies required to surmise student's shortcomings from benefiting from the computer-based tutoring. The first year level sample of 480 students using online unstructured questionnaires and two lectures, were interviewed together with viewing their Moodle platforms. These first year level students were doing education first term semester module. The case study was extracted from the first year students experience on how their perceptions of ease facilitated the effectiveness of the computer-based tutoring amongst previously disadvantaged South African university students. The study provided suggestions and guidelines for maximizing the effectiveness of lecturing supported by the computer-based tutoring. This tutoring was promoting self-directed learning, while laying solid induction practise. Findings identified the tutorial strategies needed for directing the computer-based tutoring so as to ensure its effectiveness. Students used the LMS which was Moodle. Students continued to ask lecturers for the hard copies instead of viewing the content on their computers. Also, the shortfalls of lecturer’s skills in using Moodle effectively and efficiently contributed in the dragging of computer-based tutoring. Recommendations indicated that computer based tutoring serve as good induction tutor when the students and lecturers have mastered well their duties. Further various strategies that were suggested which were anticipated to assist both lecturers and students when identifying the student’s shortcomings that might hinder them from benefiting from the computer based tutoring

Keywords: Computer-based tutoring, tutor, Learning Management System, learning strategy, lecturing, previously disadvantaged university

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