The role played by initiation schools in relation to females among the Venda speaking people in Thohoyandou, Thulamela Municipality in Limpopo Province

  • L.D. Tshikukuvhe
  • P.E. Matshidze
  • V.O. Netshandama
Keywords: Initiation, Venda, female, morality, Culture


The study focused on the role played by initiation schools in relation to females among the Venda speaking people in Thohoyandou. The findings of the study indicate that female initiation rites are on the decline with lower numbers of females participating each year. Non-probability sampling and purposive sampling methods were used to select cases. The scientific and technological revolutions have ensured the subtle but certain destruction of the local traditions. Inventions such as the television and the world-wide-web have stripped away essential functions of female initiation schools such as the control of information. Access to information has become too easy and the exchanges of ideas have contaminated the local culture. The ceremonies of the rites of passage were considered to be backward and meaningless by most respondents. While some thought that the schools appeared to be ineffective because of their traditional and old-fashioned nature, the principles being imparted on to the young girls remain relevant. Many of those who decide to participate in the female initiation schools are now being criticized as being and generally bad people. This has mainly come about as a result of the teachings of the early European missionaries. The study recommends that the young generation should be encouraged and motivated not to turn a blind eye to knowing their tradition, culture, language and understanding the importance of preserving their traditional ritual ceremonies.

Keywords: Initiation; Venda; female; morality, Culture.


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eISSN: 1596-9231