Exploration into Personality of Indian Women Leaders

  • Vanita Patwardhan


This study aims at exploring personality of Indian women leaders. Sample of 90 Indian women leaders was selected following specific criteria, who are leading in fields, namely, administration, education, industry, performing arts and sports, politics, sciences and social work. The instruments used are, California Personality Inventory (CPI), Social Intelligence (SI) Tests, Leadership Checklist (LPC), and a brief interview. The conclusions of the study are, (A) the personality profile of Indian women leaders exhibits moderate level of the traits. However, the women leaders are a little high on Dominance and Good Impression. It denotes that they are confident, assertive, dominant, task-oriented and want to make a good impression They are low on Flexibility and Social Presence, which suggests that they are less changeable, like a steady and well-organized life and are somewhat rigid. At times they are cautious and hesitant to assert own views or opinions. They are not sharp-tongued. Ninety percent of Indian women leaders have an external or outward interpersonal orientation, and acceptance of conventional social values. (B) Similar personality pattern is observed along the 7 leadership fields. (C) The two urban- rural comparisons – Pune and Cuttack – indicate similar personality profiles of Indian urban and rural women leaders. This study leads to many avenues and stresses the need of leadership training for Indian Women.

Gender and Behaviour Vol. 2 2004: 179-199

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eISSN: 1596-9231