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Evaluation of efficacy of false yam (Icacina oliviformis) as surface protectant against rot pathogens of white yam (Dioscora rotundata Poir)

E. N.K. Sowley
F. Kankam
R. M. Nsarko


Rots in yam tubers are the dominant cause of postharvest losses. Therefore, studies were con­ducted to identify the rot-causing organisms in yam and to evaluate the efficacy of false yam (Icacina oliviformis) plant extracts as surface protectants in the storage of yam. The experiment was laid out in a completely randomized design (CRD) design with five treatments (fruit, root and leaf extract of false yam, Mancozeb and tap water) replicated three times. Two concen­trations (50% and 100%) of each extract were also tested. Species were identified based on the structural features, the characteristics and properties of the spore and mycelium. A spore suspension of yam rot fungi was sprayed on healthy yam tubers that had been pretreated with the extracts. Results showed that fungi isolated from rotted yams were Aspergillus niger, A. fla­vus and Penicillium sclerotigenum. Leaf extracts (both 50% and 100%) had the highest growth inhibitions on all the three fungi isolated in vitro. Tubers treated with root and leaf extracts of false yam had a decreased tuber rot lengths of 1.80 mm2 and 2.17 mm2, respectively. The leaves and roots of false yam can be used as a surface protectant of yam in place of Mancozeb.


Keywords: Icacina oliviformis; Dioscora rotundata; Mancozeb; Pathogenicity; Aspergillus spp.

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eISSN: 0855-0042