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Assessing the usefulness of the e-Agriculture programme in Ghana using the Technology Acceptance Model

S. Bekoe
D.A. Ayoung
P. Danquah


Access to relevant agricultural information holds the potential to significantly contribute to achieving food security. Recognizing this imperative, the Government of Ghana has established an e-Agricultural portal aimed at meeting the extension and informational needs of farmers. However, the effectiveness of this e-resource in enhancing productivity remains uncertain. This study therefore set out to examine the perceived utility, user-friendliness, motivations, and obstacles associated with e-Agriculture resources. Utilizing the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), our investigation sought to elucidate the factors influencing the adoption of e-Agriculture resources for livelihood development and their impact on stakeholders, namely, farmers and system managers. Our findings indicate that the utilization of e-resources has introduced farmers to novel trends, including knowledge of improved technologies and good agronomic practices. These advancements have translated into increased income and greater financial autonomy. Nonetheless, the study found that the sustainability of the e-Agriculture programme presents considerable challenges, posing a potential threat to Ghana's agricultural sector and food security. Conspicuously, our research revealed that substantial benefits have been derived from the utilization of e-Agriculture resource centres. A significant majority of patrons reported minimal difficulties in accessing and using these resources within their respective centres. Furthermore, e-Agriculture has enhanced their financial inclusion within the agricultural value chain, ultimately improving farmers' access to agricultural credit. As a result, we recommend that the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) consider designating e-Agriculture centres as standard cost centres, similar to other departments and state agencies within the ministries.

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eISSN: 0855-0042