Automating the management of software projects in a developing it economy

  • I.I Arikpo
  • A.O Osofisan
Keywords: Software project management, configuration management, risk management, multi- site development.


Software project management is the control of the transformation of users’ requirements and resources into a successful software result (product). This work automates the management of software projects in an emerging IT economy like Nigeria. It also explores the simulation of management practices such as configuration management and risk management. The COCOMO II model was employed for the estimation process, while the Risk Model from The American Systems Corporation (ASC) was used for risk management. Experimental data was obtained from AcadSoft Solutions, Calabar, Unical Computer Centre, and Software Solutions & Consultancy, Calabar. The resultant network-based software tool was developed on object-oriented technology using Java. The study established that good management practices may still be applied by the Nigerian software industry that lacks expertise in software management. Multi-site development approach facilitates large projects by using simple network-based application that aids collaboration among team members. Future research could extend to system and real-time software projects, to give a holistic picture of software project management in developing countries.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-6208