Prevalence Of Intestinal Helminthiasis In Parts Of Imo State, Nigeria

  • IOC Obiajuru Medical Entomology & Parasitology Unit, Department Of Animal & Environmental Biology, Imo State University, Owerri
  • JN Ogbulie Department Of Industrial Microbiology, Federal University Of Technology Owerri, Nigeria
Keywords: Intestinal Helminthiasis Prevalence in Imo State


Three thousand and eighty seven (3,087) respondents comprising of 1994 females and 1093 males aged between 1 to 60 years were examined for intestinal helminthiasis in three Local Government Areas (Orlu urban; Orsu and Oru East) in Imo State. Direct wet smear and sedimentation techniques were used. Percentage infection was found to be 31.5% affecting 20.0% and 11.5% of female and male population respectively. Amongst the 972 infected respondents, 301(31%); 211(21.7%); 147(15.1%); 93(9.6%); 78(8.0%); 64(6.6%); 51(5.3%); and 25(2.6%), were infected by A. lumbricoides; N. americanus; A. duodonale; T. trichiura; T. saginata; S. stercoralis, E. vermiscularis, and T. solium respectively. Whereas 2(0.2%) were infected with both A. lumbricoides and N. americanus. Statistical analysis revealed no significant difference in the prevalence of infection between the two sexes (p >0.05). The prevalence of the infection was found to be highest among the younger age group than the older groups for all the helminths except for Taeniasis that was found to be higher among the older age group. This study reveals the prevalence and the relationship between intestinal helminthiasis and age groups in the area.
KEY WORDS: Intestinal Helminthiasis Prevalence in Imo State
Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol.11(1) 2005: 17-21

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