Published: 2005-02-18

Synthesis And Thermal Characterization Of Polypropylene/Aluminum Composites

JK Saraka, P Gbaha, A Boudenne, E Gehin, Y Candau


Studies On The Effects Of An Alcohol Extract Of The Leaves Of Telfairia occidentialis On Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats

A Olorunfemi Eseyin, C Arnold Igboasoiyi, Herbert Mbagwu, Ekaete Umoh, FJ Ekpe


Comparative Toxicity of Five Commonly Used Analgesics on Rat Sperm Count and Sperm Morphology

Utip B Ekaluo, Aniekan E Udokpoh, Udeme U Udofia, Raymond O Ajang


Effects Of Extracts Of Telfairia occidental Is Leaves On Some Biochemical Parameters In Rat

A Olorunfemi Eseyin, C Arnold Igboasoiyi, Emmanuel Oforah, Poh Ching, B Chinedu Okoli