Adomian Approximation Approach to Thermal Radiation with Heat Transfer Effect on Compressible Boundary Layer Flow on a Wedge

  • FI Alao
  • SB Folarin


This paper investigates the effect of radiation with heat transfer on the compressible boundary layer flow on a wedge. Fluid viscosity is assumed to be negligible. The compressible boundary layer equations were transformed using Stewartson transfor-mation. The resulting partial differential equations were further transformed using dimensionless and similarity variables. A third order and a second order coupled with non-linear ordinary differential equation systems corresponding to the momentum and the energy equations were obtained. An approximate analytical method (Adomian decomposition) was used to solve the coupled non linear equations. The result shows that, effect of radiation contributes to the increase in velocity field and decrease in temperature field of the boundary layer flow. The significant finding of this study is that, due to variable thermal radiation, flow separation is controlled. The temperature decreases with increasing value of radiation parameter with fixed Prandtl num-ber and Falkner Skan parameter.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0855-210X