Incidental gallstones on sonography: a retrospective study

  • C Ani
  • D Atsukwei
  • A Angbalaga
Keywords: Incidental gallstones, Abdominal, Ultrasonography


Background: Protocol for routine abdominal ultrasonography often begins with and usually incorporates the right upper quadrant scan. The liver and the gallbladder are well visualized in this body region and any gallstones can be seen more so with the routine preparation of overnight fasting.
Methods: A retrospective review of the records of all the patients who underwent abdominal ultrasonography  investigation at the Radiology department of our teaching hospital over a seventeen month period (August 2011 and December 2012) was done with attention to those with sonographic diagnosis of gallstones.
Results: A total of 3747 records of the patients that had abdominal sonographic scan comprising 1658 males and 2089 females were studied. Overall, 44 patients (1.2%; 20 males and 24 females) were found with gallstones on ultrasonography.28 (0.75%) individuals made up of 13 males and 15 females had incidental gallstones.
Conclusion: Gallstones as incidental findings in patients who are referred for sonography for otherwise non-biliary disease are seldom seen.

Keywords: Incidental gallstones, Abdominal, Ultrasonography


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eISSN: 1596-2407