Cardiovascular disease risk among professionals: A survey of modifiable risk factors among teachers in an urban community

  • Olusola Ayanniyi
  • Ayodele Akinremi
  • Nse Odunnaiya
  • Ibezim Adenaike
Keywords: Cardiovascular risk, teachers' health, urban professionals


Background: Teachers are often faced with repetitive work related stress, which has been associated with chronic diseases among professionals. Those living in the urban community may be at more risk due to unhealthy lifestyle exposure, but there is little information about their cardiovascular disease profile. Such data may be useful in developing CVD prevention strategies for this population. The study assessed modifiable cardiovascular risk factors among teachers in an urban community in southwestern Nigeria.

Methods: Apparently healthy 356 teachers, aged between 25 and 74years, from randomly selected public schools in urban community in southwestern Nigeria participated in this study. Information on socio-demographic, alcohol use, tobacco use was obtained while obesity indices, physical activity and blood pressure were assessed using standard instruments. Data were summarized and inferential statistics of Mann-Whitney U and Kruskal-Wallis were used to test for statistical significance difference between and across proportions respectively.

Results: Participants consisted of 137 (38.5%) males and 219 (61.5%) females with mean age of 44.6±8.9years and mean BMI of 25.8±5.1. A quarter of the participants had abdominal obesity, 43.5% had prehypertension and another 15% were hypertensive. More than 80% of teachers with prehypertension were previously not aware. High prevalence (41%) of low physical activity was noted among participants of this study. Tobacco use among the study participants was low (2.1%) but alcohol intake was high (17%). More females (45.2%) reported low physical activity than the males (34.3%) also significantly more female teachers had abdominal obesity compared with male teachers.

Conclusion: The prevalence of modifiable cardiovascular risk factor among the study population was high, primary prevention strategy may be helpful in reducing CVD risks.

Keywords: Cardiovascular risk, teachers' health, urban professionals


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eISSN: 1596-2407