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Mass casualty from electrical injury at Makurdi, Nigeria

Priscilla Denen Akaa
Chukwukadibia N. Ahachi
Akeem A. Jenrola
Peter Inunduh
Ushaka R. Swem
Richard E.E. Nnabuko


Background: Mass casualty electrical injury is not a common occurrence. This is a report of a mass casualty electrical injury event that occurred at the building site of a Pentecostal church at Makurdi involving 12 patients in a single electrical contact.

Method: This is a case presentation of twelve young men aged 22 - 28 years who were mounting the metal gate of a Pentecostal church under sagging high tension electrical lines. Contact of the gate with the power lines caused production of sparks and electrocution of the patients.

Results: There were 2 instant mortalities, varying levels of electrical shock in 7 and burns in 3 patients. The hall mark of treatment was resuscitation, and management of the burn wounds. No obvious gross internal organ complications were present.

Conclusion: Prompt resuscitation and care of burn wounds gave a favourable outcome for the 10 surviving victims.

Keywords: Electric Shock, Electrocution, Resuscitation

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eISSN: 1596-2407