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Are Congenital Anomalies Common In Jos- Nigeria?

SD Pam, F Bode-Thomas, WE Isaac, HB Ibanga, AO Adekwu, BO Toma, AO Ebonyi, G Gwarzo, FA Akor, F Ochigbo, D Onotu, EF Madu, BA Animasahun


Objective: The study was prospectively conducted in the Special Care Baby Unit of the Jos University Taeching Hospital, Jos over a 28-month period to assess the pattern of congenital anomalies (CA).

Method:A register of all newborn infants seen with congenital anomalies was kept in the special care baby unit.

Result:A total of 104 babies with CA were seen accounting for 6.1% of all admissions into the unit, with an inborn incidence of CA being 5.3 per 1000 live-births during the period. Gastrointestinal lesions accounted for majority, 33.7% (35/104), of the lesions but myelomeningocoele was the single most common lesion seen accounting for 19.2% (20/104) of all CA. The different lesions seen were found to have affected most of the systems and a few lesions 5.8% (6/104) could not be readily classified. Mortality rate was 33.7 % (35/104) among the patients with CA, being worse in outborns. Mortality was 100 % (9/9) among patients with chromosomal anomalies followed by patients with gastrointestinal lesions with 45.7% (16/35).

Conclusion:CA are common in this center. The lesions involve most of the organ systems. Prompt action is required to decrease mortality especially in case of correctible lesions and it is recommended that careful examination of all newborn prior to discharge would help in early detection of congenital anomalies.
Key words:Congenital, anomalies, newborns, mortality
Highland Medical Research Journal Vol.2(2) 2004: 19-28

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