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HIV - Positive Women In Labour Room In Jos, Nigeria

JT Mutihir, IAO Ujah, VE Uguru


Background : Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are commonly encountered by health practitioners in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the HIV positive status does not limit the fertility of a woman. Healthy looking women, infected with HIV are not uncommon in the antenatal clinic and the labour room.

Objective: The objective of this study was to determine trend of HIV-positive pregnant women presenting in the labour room. To determine how many staff were infected. Proffer suggestions on how to minimize the spread if found to be rising in pregnant mothers in labour. Also, to draw the attention of attending physicians, midwives and hospital authorities to the need for urgent protection from infection with the viruses.

Methods: This retrospective study was conducted from January 1998 to December 2003. The information was obtained from 159 patient records of the labour room of the Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Nigeria. The HIV status was already confirmed antenatally. Record of HIV-positive patients were retrieved and analyzed. The record of staff at risk was also determined.

Results: During the period under review, January 1998 to December 2003, 15,282 deliveries took place and 159 HIV-positive women were admitted into the maternity unit of the Jos University Teaching Hospital for labour and delivery. The study showed that from 2 cases reported in 1998, the proportion of patients with HIV had been on the increase. The incidence has risen astronomically from 0.1% to the present figure of 1.9%, or 32 per 1,673 deliveries in 2003. The age range of the patients was from 18 to 36 years with a mean of 26.4 years. All patients were married.

Conclusion: The number of HIV positive patients seen and managed for labour and delivery is rapidly increasing. Labour rooms need to be better equipped with preventive measures in order to protect the lives of the personnel performing their obligatory responsibilities in this all-important part of a hospital.
Key words: - Human Immunodefiency Virus (HIV), Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), labour room, Nevirapine, Jos-Nigeria.
Highland Medical Research Journal Vol.2(2) 2004: 47-54

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