Age dependant somatometric and cephalometric variables among Nigerians.

  • M.B.T Umar
  • AI Shugaba
  • R Singh
Keywords: Age, Somatometric, Cephalometric.


Background: The process of growth passes through stages of developmental processes. This stage is the age. Age is known to affect many parameters in the body and this includes somatometric and cephalometric variables. Methods: The study was conducted with a total number of 409 students of university of Jos, St Murumba and School of Higher Islamic Secondary School Jos. The following cephalometric and somatometric parameters were measured viz; Age, Weight, Height, Head width, Bizygomatic distance, Upper facial height, Outer canthal distance, Palpebral fissure length,Exaphthalmometric value, Ear width, Nose width were measured. Result: This study showed a positive relationship between age and weight, height, outer canthal distance, papebral fissure length, exophthalmometric value, nose width, bizygomatic distance (p 0.01) and head width (p 0.05). But it showed a negative significant relationship with ear width and upper facial length (p 0.01). Conclusion: It is concluded that the interrelation of age and the above studied somatometric and cephalometric parameters may give an understanding of craniofacial development and congenital anomalies.

Key words: Age, Somatometric, Cephalometric.


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eISSN: 1596-2407