Schistosomiasis presenting as pancreatic tumour with gastric outlet obstruction: a case report with review of literature

  • A.N Manasseh
  • G.O Echejoh
  • M.N Tanko
  • O.A Silas
  • B.M Mandong
Keywords: Parasite, schistosomiasis, pancreatic mass, obstruction, gastric.


In endemic areas multi-organ involvement by schistosomiasis including
kidney, prostate, liver, intestine and pancreas has been documented. Sometimes this mimics neoplastic growth. Histopathology of tissues or organs affected usually show chronic granulomatous inflammatory reaction  surrounding the schistosome egg(s). We are reporting a rare case of pancreatic schistosomiasis presenting as gastric outlet obstruction. An exploratory laparotomy revealed a granular, firm grayish mass in the head of the pancreas with some fibrosis impinging on the duodenum. The obstruction was relieved and a biopsy taken for histology which showed benign pancreatic tissue with several granulomas comprising aggregates of eosinophils, epithelioid cells and centrally placed schistosome ova. This case mimicked a pancreatic tumour with features of gastric outlet obstruction.

Keywords: Parasite, schistosomiasis, pancreatic mass, obstruction, gastric.


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eISSN: 1596-2407