’n Voordrag van Adrianus van Seims oor hermeneutiek

  • PB Boshoff


A lecture on hermeneutics by Adrianus van Seims This article is the content of a  lecture on hermeneutics given by A van Seims. After a few opening words on the  introduction to the lecture and its content, the presentation is reproduced in its entirety. Van Seims considers that hermeneutics is concerned not only with interpreting God’s revelation to mankind, but also with expressing man’s repentance and obedience to God. As regards the exegesis of The Scriptures, the schema of ‘promise-fulfillment’, typoplogy, allegory and interpretation through grammar and history are discussed. Van
Seims calls the method he follows ‘functional hermeneutics’, implying that the  interpretation given should perform, in circumstances of present-day readers, the
function that it did originally. Jeremiah 28 is used as example.

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eISSN: 2072-8050
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