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Screening of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites from Sea Sponge (Clathria Indica) Against Bacteria Associated with Urinary Tract Infections

GO Mauti, EM Mauti, GA Ouno, FL Shamala


The marine sponge Clathria indica, collected from Thondi-Palk Strait region of Tamil Nadu, was studied for bacterial antagonistic activity. Sponge species were identified based on specula morphology. Ethyl Acetate extracts yielded a total of 0.8g, 0.12g, 0.01g, 0.13g and 0.17g from 1.5g of sponge crude extracts respectively. The antagonistic activity of crude extracts against bacterial pathogens showed clear inhibition zones against Pseudomonas sp., Streptococcus sp. and Vibrio sp. The extracted sponge metabolites had growth inhibitory activities against all the three Urinary tract pathogens, Vibrio sp., Pseudomonas sp. and Streptococcus sp. and Bactericidal activities against two Urinary tract pathogens, Vibrio sp. and Pseudomonas sp. The partial isolation of DNA was done by using Gel electrophoresis. On the gel the DNA showed one defined band which had a size of 39.360Kb.

Key words: Sea sponge Clathria indica; Vibrio sp.; Pseudomonas sp.; Streptococcus sp.;

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