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A Pictorial Description of the “Conqueror of Modern Empire” in East Africa

F Julius
K Dachi


Transnational crime has been depicted by this article as the “conqueror of modern empire” in East Africa. This is due to the fact that in all its manifestations this reality has frustrated the concerned governments by undermining the actual capacity of the state agencies to promote rule of law and guarantee reliable security of all the citizens and their properties. The widespread of illegal infiltration of hazardous materials and non-material products like drugs, armed bandits, terrorists and hazardous wastes is an indication of the power of transnational crime over the concerned countries’ law enforcers especially those working at entry points. Despite having invested much on countermeasures, East African countries have so far failed to deter the same problem. Academicians on their part, though played the acknowledgeable role, their contribution to the war against transnational crime is relatively minimal. We therefore recommend at the end of this paper, the enhancement of research conduct to fill in gap in the existing literature so that additional knowledge may reinvigorate the power of law enforcers to fight against transnational crime.

Key words: Transnational crime, law enforcement, criminal justice.

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