Astro-Tourism as a High Potential Alternative Tourist Attraction in Tanzania

  • NT Jiwaji


Besides Tanzania's world famous traditional tourist attractions, the country has many hidden treasures. Among these are the stars in the night sky. Tanzania's geographic location near the equator offers 95% of the view of stars that can be seen in one night. Tanzania also has vast rural locations that are unaffected by light pollution, and allows viewers to experience the full glory of the night skies. Extreme light pollution in developed countries points towards the potential of Astrotourism as an alternative tourist attraction for Tanzania. Astro-tourism is a nighttime activity that complements traditional tourist activities. Fixed or mobile observatories can be set up with easily available good quality telescopes. Astro-tour guides can be trained locally and monthly night sky updates can be provided to highlight local delights.

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eISSN: 0856-6739