Utilizing Islamic Education in Promoting Decent Dressing among Female Muslim Students in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions

  • K.O. Sulaiman Department of Religious Studies Ekiti State University
Keywords: indecent dressing, female students, tertiary institutions, Islamic Education, Nigeria


There has been public outcry among Muslim leaders, parents and scholars on the mode of dressing of young female students in Nigeria's tertiary institutions. These are mothers of tomorrow whom the legacy of   leadership of this country is to be bequeathed. This paper, therefore, discusses the inadequacies of indecent dressing among female students in Nigeria's tertiary institutions. It goes further to discuss decent and indecent dressing in the Islamic perspective and the Islamic solution to indecent dressing among women. The methodology used in this work is the original sources of Islamic law and the opinions of Islamic jurists are cited to support or refute the position. The paper concludes that Islam as a religion of peace teaches modesty and moderation in whatever Muslims do. It then suggest how Muslim women should dress up in global world while condemning surgeries for beautification, reshaping noses and breast as a form of fashion for Muslim women. In conclusion, the paper advice that if the Islamic mode of dressing is embraced, it will check high rates of indecency and  among women and protect them  against indiscriminate assault which  is prevalent in our society especially in Nigeria tertiary institutions

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eISSN: 0856-6739